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Founder and President,
Focus on the Family
"Frank Pavone is a man who is passionately committed to the defense of preborn children, and to the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave. I have found him to be an articulate and intelligent promoter of this cause internationally.  It has been my privilege to have Reverend Pavone as a guest on Focus on the Family, where he was warmly received by our listeners.  I'm honored to call him my friend."

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Life on the Line
Life Debate

Life on the Line

You've heard the constant drumbeat of today's "culture of death." Pro-life values are under constant assault, and many Christians feel like our side is in full retreat. Clever phrases like "pro choice," "right to die," and "death with dignity" are drowning out the awesome biblical truth that all human life is sacred!

Now that eternal truth has a powerful voice in this 28-minute broadcast Life on the Line. You will be inspired, informed, and equipped to defend and advance their pro-life values through the teaching of internationally acclaimed "culture of life" advocate Reverend Frank Pavone. The fast-paced format includes current events, commentary, calls to action, and a wealth of information your audience eagerly seeks.

Audio Archive

Life on the Line aired from 2006 - 2008 in 15 "Top 50" markets.  Click here to listen to the audio archives.

President, Bott Radio Network

"During my several broadcast interviews with Frank Pavone, I've been moved by the intensity of his love for the Lord, and his complete commitment to support the Right to Life that is ours as a gift from God... "

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